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List of Services and Deposit Prices


We are happy to provide these items at these prices for our clients who see us in the office. Minimum deposit at time of service needed to receive vaccines (subject to change).  These discounted "pay today" prices are lower than if we billed you after the day of service. 
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Travel vaccines:


yellow fever vaccine w/certificate 6-9mo+ $190.
Menactra (MCV4 - meningococcal) 1yr+ $140.
typhoid (oral) vaccine  4 capsules 6yr+ $85.
Typhim Vi injectable typhoid vaccine 2yr+ $120.
General and travel vaccines:
hepatitis A vaccine  (2 needed) adult 19yr+ $80.
hepatitis A vaccine  (2 needed) child/adolescent 1-18yr $50.
hepatitis B vaccine  (3 needed) adult 19yr+ $50.
hepatitis B vaccine  (3 needed) child/adolescent 0-18yr $35.
tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) 11yr+ $70.
MMR vaccine 15mo+ $90.
Special use biologicals:
Rabies vaccine ordered individually
(PCEP - 3 needed)
Antimalarial medications:
mefloquine, 250 mg  $6. each
malarone 250/100 $5 each
Other supplies/medications:
azithromycin 250 mg, pack of 6 $5.
Vaccines are good for: yellow fever lifetime, Menactra 5 yr, oral typhoid 5 yr, Typhim 2 yr, tetanus/diphtheria 10 yr.  After basic series (some need adult booster), the following are probably good for life after completed series: pneumococcal, polio, measles, hepatitis A and B.  Decisions regarding boosters for rabies and Japanese encephalitis vaccines are evaluated on an individual basis.  Influenza vaccine should be renewed each fall. 

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