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Here are some possible options for Travel Medicine advice. You may either click on these links or enter them into your browser.

  • A good head start toward determining your Travel Medicine needs (no matter who provides the Travel Medicine advice) would be to look up your destination at CDC Destinations . When you have compiled a list of concerns, you have the opportunity to look up each topic in the CDC Disease Directory.

  • For some destinations, it might work well for you to take the above information to your primary doctor and obtain your advice there. I suggest printing the information you have compiled to take along to your visit. For a list of things any Travel Medicine provider should be doing for you, click on and print “Travel Medicine Standards”.  Take this printed guideline along to your provider appointment.

  • You could seek a Travel Medicine provider in Oregon that would meet your needs in a comprehensive fashion at Oregon State Health Dept. list of travel medicine clinics. You may sort them by county so you don’t have to go through the entire list of 215 providers in Oregon. Some of these local clinics may no longer be in operation. I am not enthusiastic about pharmacies as providers of comprehensive Travel Medicine advice. However, once a plan is established, it is reasonable for you to obtain the vaccines recommended by your medical provider at a county health department or any doctor or pharmacy that is able and willing to provide these services.

You may also find useful information at this index to another clinic list. .



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