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Financial Policy

It may be appropriate to review details of The Travel Clinic's financial policy with you.

You are probably aware that we expect to collect our advertised deposit-payment for each service when you receive it. This figure represents the bare minimum we must collect to stay in business, and includes a "pay today" cash discount. Whether we bill insurance or not, our usual procedure is that after you leave our office, you will owe us nothing further for services you received that day. We generally do not collect in advance for services to be delivered in the future, like booster shots. In this way, transactions between us are on a real-time, cash basis, and there are fewer loose ends to tie up after your visit.

We are happy to bill your insurance to try to get some of your money back for you. In general, most of our travelers have insurance which may cover part or all of office visit and some vaccine charges. It often takes 4-6 weeks for you to hear from your insurance about what they will pay. The explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company may look like a bill (which it is not) and may state that you owe us something additional (which you will not). Insurance companies are unaware of the deposit you have made which takes care of that issue. We generally do not collect copays. For some reason, there is usually an additional two week delay until we receive information from insurance companies. We use the information from them to figure out any refund you may have coming. We do not bill insurance for oral medicines (they will not reimburse us like a pharmacy).

We bill insurance for standard fees which are usually higher than your deposit. Your insurance may reimburse for some vaccines, but not others. If insurance pays on an item, they may pay more than your deposit. We will usually refund up to the amount of the deposit on an item after we hear from them. Refunds are figured on an item-by-item or line-by-line basis. Generally, we will refund the amount paid to us by your insurance company up to the amount of your deposit for that item. If we are a participating provider for your insurance company, we will be bound by their fee schedule, and we will refund the full amount of your deposit for covered items. Some insurances have a tendency to pay us, then several months later, say the service was not covered after all, the payment was in error and ask for their payment back. Should this occur, we may ask you to send the refund amount for an item back to us.

If it has been a couple of months since you received services, and you have not received your expected refund, please email us. Our system is not perfect and we may have inadvertently overlooked the response from your insurance company. After you have received your refund, please contact us if you want a written, item-by-item accounting of the sometimes complex relationship between you, us and your insurance company. You may request this explanation by email through our website.


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