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Everyone who contacts us has concerns about costs, and vaccines are more expensive than they used to be. The best first step (and actually a bargain) in determining costs is to establish a plan based on your individual situation at the time of an office visit. Armed with recommendations, you can then price shop for vaccines and medicines if you wish. You are in charge of how you spend your money and what you put into your body.

Cost depends on what you choose, which depends on what is recommended, which in turn depends on where you are going and for how long, what you are doing there and your prior immunizations. Most trips for most travelers could cost only the visit fee to a few hundred dollars, depending. Take a look at the Traveler Letter, Financial Policy and List of Services on our website. What you need most is a plan, then you can choose what to do based on need, effectiveness of intervention, side effects and cost. You can get vaccines any number of places and are free to price shop if you have time.

Nearly all travel clinics operate on a cash basis and do not bill insurance. The Travel Clinic has a hybrid system, and expects payment of a deposit at the time services are rendered. We will bill insurance. When payment is received for a service, your deposit is returned as a refund.

Some insurance contracts specifically exclude travel medicine services. We bill under Dr. Wilson's name and do not identify ourselves as a travel medicine provider to insurance companies. Office visits with Dr. Wilson are generally covered like an office visit to any other provider.

Vaccines used only for travel outside the US include vaccines for yellow fever, typhoid fever and Japanese encephalitis. Rabies vaccine might be considered to be in this category. Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, MMR, influenza and meningococcal vaccines may be important for travelers as well as non-travelers, and are often reimbursed by some insurance companies.

Services we provide are usually not reimbursed by Trillium, Oregon Health Plan and Medicaid. Lifewise and Medicare based insurance plans may soon be in this category. Most major insurance companies (Regence, Providence and PacificSource, among others) will reimburse for most domestic vaccines according to your contract with them.

Reimbursement by your insurance company will be determined by the contract you have with them. If you want to know if your insurance company will pay for a services, you should contact them. Keep in mind that calls to insurance companies may be misleading and are not binding. Ultimately, you will not really know if your insurance will reimburse for a given service until the service is provided, insurance is billed and they respond.



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