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My landlord, PeaceHealth, is considering not renewing my lease. Should this happen, I may be unable to meet commitments I have made. I am hoping it would not happen right away. My long term plan is to stay in this office until I retire on December 31, 2018, or earlier should the yellow fever vaccine shortage end. Watch this space.

NOTE: I advise that you have a plan in place before getting any immunizations or have any prescriptions filled.  The plan would be constructed by both of us during your office visit consultation after reviewing all options.  Starting vaccines before your office visit won't save you money and probably won't save you time.  Starting vaccines before our visit may confuse issues, limit options and cost you money unnecessarily. <more>

I particularly advise you to avoid cipro and Twinrix and often suggest that people may not need hepatitis B or typhoid fever vaccines for short trips.

The need for yellow fever vaccine is growing substantially and I am too busy. The result is that appointments may not be available for several weeks after your request. If you need yellow fever vaccine and we have no appointments available before your departure, you may seek care elsewhere. Ideally, travelers should call to make an appointment 4-6 weeks before any international trip, or 6-8 weeks if yellow fever or malaria are concerns. Those who need yellow fever vaccine and have delayed making medical care arrangements for their trip may seek care at one of the Stamaril clinics in the Portland area. Contact information for these clinics is behind the yellow button below.

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Usual reception office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10 am to 4 pm
Patient appointment hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11 am to 4 pm

Yes, we have the replacement yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril.

For travelers who may need YF vaccine, it might be best to plan far in advance, possibly have an evaluation by us, another STAMARIL Center or a YF-VAX travel clinic, and contact us or another STAMARIL clinic to schedule an appointment if YF vaccine is indicated.

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