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Yes, we have yellow fever vaccine in unlimited supply.

My practice now consists entirely of administering Stamaril, the replacement (YF) vaccine, and other YF issues.  If circumstances allow, I hope to continue to help the community by keeping Stamaril available locally until YF-VAX can be ordered by any local yellow fever center.

The US yellow fever vaccine, YF-VAX, has been out of production since 2017 due to a manufacturing problem. A program to provide YF vaccine to US citizens has been constructed by Sanofi Pasteur, CDC and FDA. Stamaril, the replacement French YF vaccine, has been imported since 2017 to meet the needs of US travelers. This special program is needed because Stamaril has not been put through the rigorous, lengthy, expensive and unnecessary process needed to acquire FDA approval. The YF-VAX manufacturing problem is projected to be resolved between June and December 2019 after which time the Stamaril program will no longer be needed.

I plan to close my office after the Stamaril program is finished. Patients who visit us should realize that we will most likely only be here for a few months. Our office is very small and furnished simply and unconventionally.
Watch this space

1. YF vaccine shortage: Anyone who has tried to find yellow fever (YF) vaccine in the past year or two has become aware of the difficulty of accessing a practitioner who can supply it (see Register-Guard op-ed Aug 17, 2017, behind the red button below). Those who have plans to travel to subSaharan Africa or tropical South America in the next year or so may want to become familiar the YF vaccine shortage issue. If your travel plans and the need for YF vaccine are firm, it might be reasonable to receive the vaccine locally earlier than one would otherwise.

2. With each traveler office visit there will be a discussion of all relevant concerns even if the traveler has already been seen by another practitioner for this trip. There are ample medical and legal reasons for this policy. Omitting discussion of other vaccine preventable diseases, malaria and other issues during our visit will not save you money. Avoiding receiving vaccines or filling prescriptions until you process complete information may save you money. After receiving all appropriate information (including at our visit), you will be ready to price shop and receive services from the source you choose.

3. Usual office appointments:
Our usual format is to see individual patients or small groups (ideally up to 3 travelers) at 11 am, 1230 pm or 2 pm on Tuesday or Thursday.  Groups may be seen at 2:00 pm Tuesday or Thursday. Because our schedule is usually quite full, there is often a 4 week wait for these appointments. 

. Group visits with up to 20 or so participants with the same itinerary might be arranged.  We now may be able to offer YF vaccine in an off-hours group format among travelers who need Stamaril even though they may have different itineraries.

These weekend meetings may particularly appeal to those:
a. who are leaving soon, whose time to departure is short (i.e., less than 2 weeks or so); YF vaccine should be given at least 10 days before YF risk.
b. who prefer to avoid missing work or school on weekdays for their appointment.
c. who live outside Lane County, must spend some hours on the road for this appointment and prefer a weekend office visit.

This weekend format typically takes place on Saturdays at 11 am.

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