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Yes, we have yellow fever vaccine.
We thought the supply was unlimited, but now, in addition to the shortage we have had for the last 2 years, rationing has started. I have over 100 doses on hand (as of April 4), but I am uncertain when I can be resupplied. For those with a departure date in June through September, 2019, there are many uncertainties. YF-VAX may become available to YF-VAX centers sometime between June and December....or not. The Stamaril program should cease then.....or not. Shortage and rationing should be lifted about then....or not. I will probably close my office practice this year....or not.

I have several suggestions. Start your search for travel medicine consultation and yellow fever vaccine at least 3 months before departure. Start early and be proactive in developing a plan. If you are certain about your trip, get YF vaccine 2-3 months before departure; this will seem to be much too early. Receiving YF vaccine early is a good idea in any case because unforeseen circumstances may arise causing an untenable situation for you. Consider contacting one of the Portland area Stamaril clinics to see what they can do for you (look behind the yellow button at the bottom of this page). Because of full appointment schedules, increased demand for YF vaccine and individual appointments, we may suggest shared, group Saturday sessions for some of you, especially if you want your medical services outside of usual work/school hours, if you are coming from out-of-town or if you need to receive YF vaccine without delay.
Watch this space

In order to get YF vaccine (Stamaril) when and how you want it, recognize that time is your enemy and availability is getting worse.
- YF vaccine should be given at least 10 days before entering a YF risk area
- your travel medical consult should be at least 4-6 weeks before departure
- in this office, your wait to get an appointment after your email request is estimated at 4 weeks
- adding these times together, it is best to contact us to make your appointment 10 to 12 weeks before departure

We will keep you posted here about our Stamaril supply and available appointments.
- Individual appointments are generally on Tues or Thurs at 11 am, 1230 or 2 pm.
- Shared group sessions are generally held on some Saturdays at 11am.
- The limiting factor for appointments will be our supply of Stamaril.  When we make an appointment, we will reserve a dose of Stamaril for you.   

Date posted April 8  --> 14    -->   21
Stamaril doses given since November, 2017      592 -->  604  --> 636
Stamaril doses on hand      123  --> 111  --> 102
Stamaril doses reserved for patients with an appointment        54  -->   58  -->   58
available doses of Stamaril        69  -->   53  -->   44
date YF-VAX will be available estimated between June and December
date we will receive more Stamaril doses unknown
available individual appointments May 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30
June 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27
group sessions may be arranged May 4 and 18 and June 9, 15, 29 and 30
projected last guaranteed individual appointment and
Stamaril dose
May 30
We have only 32 unreserved doses until we will stop making appointments for Stamaril.

1. YF vaccine shortage:
Anyone who has tried to find yellow fever (YF) vaccine in the past year or two has become aware of the difficulty of accessing a practitioner who can supply it (see Register-Guard op-ed Aug 17, 2017, behind the red button below). Those who have plans to travel to subSaharan Africa or tropical South America in the next year or so may want to become familiar the YF vaccine shortage issue. If your travel plans and the need for YF vaccine are firm, it might be reasonable to receive the vaccine locally earlier than one would otherwise.

2. With each traveler office visit there will be a discussion of all relevant concerns even if the traveler has already been seen by another practitioner for this trip. There are ample medical and legal reasons for this policy. Omitting discussion of other vaccine preventable diseases, malaria and other issues during our visit will not save you money. Avoiding receiving vaccines or filling prescriptions until you process complete information may save you money. After receiving all appropriate information (including at our visit), you will be ready to price shop and receive services from the source you choose.

3. Usual office appointments:
Our usual format is to see individual patients or small groups (ideally up to 3 travelers) at 11 am, 1230 pm or 2 pm on Tuesday or Thursday.  Groups may be seen at 2:00 pm Tuesday or Thursday. Because our schedule is usually quite full, there is often a 4 week wait for these appointments. 

. Group visits with up to 20 or so participants with the same itinerary might be arranged.  We now may be able to offer YF vaccine in an off-hours group format among travelers who need Stamaril even though they may have different itineraries.

These weekend meetings may particularly appeal to those:
a. who are leaving soon, whose time to departure is short (i.e., less than 2 weeks or so); YF vaccine should be given at least 10 days before YF risk.
b. who prefer to avoid missing work or school on weekdays for their appointment.
c. who live outside Lane County, must spend some hours on the road for this appointment and prefer a weekend office visit.

This weekend format typically takes place on Saturdays at 11 am.

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