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July 24, 2017 Yellow fever is a serious mosquito transmitted disease for which we have had an effective, readily available vaccine. Travelers to central South America and central Africa may be at risk for yellow fever (see for a list of yellow fever endemic areas and maps. For a more in-depth explanation, see this newspaper op-ed.  

Because of manufacturing problems, production of the current US vaccine (YF-VAX) has stopped and will not be available again until possibly July 2018. A similar YF vaccine (STAMARIL) will be imported from France, and will be the only YF vaccine available when the current supply of YF-VAX is gone, which will probably be in July or August 2017. STAMARIL will be available only from a limited number of specialized clinics. In Oregon, there will be only three STAMARIL clinics in the Portland area and one in Eugene. 

It would be best for traveling patients who may need YF vaccine to plan far in advance, have an evaluation by a travel clinic which has been a YF-VAX yellow fever center before, and call a STAMARIL clinic to schedule an appointment if YF vaccine is indicated.

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